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Black Actor

  A Fresh Up and Coming Black Actor


Tyshawn Jamison is a rising black actor that has built an already impressive career thanks to his dedication to improving his craft and exploring every aspect of working on a set. When you need an up and coming actor for your next film, turn to someone with a proven track record and stand out roles that will leave your audience wanting more.

Nothing connects with an audience more than a powerful performance. As an actor, Tyshawn Jamison knows that bringing the audience into each performance is one of the most powerful things an actor can do.

Having worked as a model in addition to being a black actor, Tyshawn Jamison knows how to command an on-camera presence. Evoking powerful emotions with even the most minimalist conditions is the hallmark of any growing actor.

Since he has worked behind the camera as well, Tyshawn Jamison knows just how difficult it is to get a film together. When you work with another artist who is just as committed to creating something astonishing, you’re going to get an amazing final cut that will have audiences hungry for more.

If you’re ready to get in touch with New York City’s hottest up and coming actor, reach out to Tyshawn Jamison (Typerception) today.

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