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It is often said that you cannot judge a book by its cover! It is equally true that an artist is made up of more than looks and talent. The ‘cover’ you see is a compilation of talent, genetics, and something you tend to hear very little about when it comes to an artist’s life experiences. Someone who grabs and keeps your attention generally has something in their eyes that draw you into their world and a voice that guides you. Those eyes tell you “I am more than what you see” and sometimes hide even more that you don’t. Tyshawn Jamison is a Brooklyn, New York native. When he was 10 years old, his family moved to North Carolina due to societal issues to escape violence, drugs, and for “BETTER EDUCATION He is the Second to OLDEST OF 3 SIBLINGS. He always had a penchant for entertainment and fashion even from a young age, an attribute shared by his mother. His first exposure to the modeling and acting industry was seeing a picture of a former model, now recording artist and actor, Tyrese, and actor, director, producer Denzel Washington. 

Modeling and acting became the passion and the goal. Tyshawn defines himself as a passionate, determined, sarcastic, goofy, smart, mature, lovable, and amicable guy. 

Tyshawn left his NC home and returned to NY to follow his passion. Leaving was very difficult because he had to leave not only his siblings, but also his loving mother behind. She was afraid for him to be alone. He was going back to his original home, but into a new life, and he was doing it alone, living ON his own and was free to pursue modeling/acting. 

Helped and inspired by friends who became family and along with fellow artist. now writing and producing and directing, Tyshawn states that all he wants to do is create and collaborate and show everyone that there is a reason behind that passion. He states educate yourself in the field you’re interested in . You may not know where to start, may not even get the help you need. In this whole process i’ve lost and I’ve gained, I had losses and I have wins. I have learned not to take things personally it's just business .Even if you don't have the support some people cannot see or understand the drawing board. The beginning process; some people have to see it to believe it. WHAT I always say if God placed the idea and the passion in your heart go for it just as I did. Don’t let anything stop you because it's going to be really hard some days , even stressful but there’s a bright side to that, the feeling when you finally complete a project or just accomplish something. Celebrate everything, surround yourself around winners, so your accomplishments will never come off as bragging. Believing and investing in yourself is one of the biggest keys. Always remember failing is when you never attempt to try. Thank you for taking the time reading my bio I hope to either see you at one of my events OR maybe WE CAN COLLABORATE. Continue to be great and, just as I’m doing, enjoy your journey. One more thing help as many people as you can along the way our life is not our own. Helping people will help you. So remember that thanks for your support and when all else fails, trust God. 

_Tyshawn Jamison (Typerception) 

Tyshawn Jamison
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