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Independent Screenwriter

  Work With an Independent Screenwriter


Your next film project needs an independent screenwriter to create an outstanding script. When you start looking for a screenwriter near me, you want to find someone that has the experience you’ve been looking for. Tyshawn Jamison has experience on both sides of the lens and he is available for your next project.

An independent screenwriter can help you with every aspect of your screenwriting. Whether you need an entirely new script or you have a project that needs to be touched up, you need to connect with a screenwriter who is looking to collaborate on projects.

Working together with another artist is all about combing your passions on realizing a mutual vision for how a project will come to life. This kind of power only happens when you contact a screenwriter near me who is also a working artist.

Tyshawn Jamison is an experienced actor, model, and writer. He understands all of the complicated work that goes into making an independent film come together. That holistic understanding is translated into script writing. When you’re shopping around for a new script or a new writer, you want to find an artist that knows scripts inside and out.

A great script is more than the sum of its parts. You need to combine a compelling story, believable characters, and a solid structure to generate something that goes above and beyond to connect an audience to a work of art.

The script becomes the blueprint of the movie. It is a guided light for filmmakers who want to elevate the form to something meaningful and artistic.

No matter where your next project is going to take you, make that journey with a team of established artists by your side.

Reach out to Tyshawn Jamison (Typerception) today to discuss your next project and how his screenwriting talent can help you realize your goals.

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