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Up And Coming Model

  Connect With the Hottest Up and Coming Model


Tyshawn Jamison is an up and coming model with the looks and talent that can captivate any audience.

Your next project needs a model that knows how to command presence when in front of the camera. Tyshawn Jamison has experience modeling for a wide variety of clients. No matter what your modeling project is about, Tyshawn has the skills and looks you need.

Tyshawn’s modeling career focuses on commanding presence, fashion, and atmosphere. The most important thing an up and coming model could offer your next photo shoot is the ability to convey the emotions you’re looking for.

Models can only convey emotion through expression and that’s why you need talent who can evoke a wide emotional range. Tyshawn Jamison can display the sophistication of your brand as well as the emotions that connect people with photography.

If you’ve been looking for a professional model that can elevate your next photo shoot, get in touch with Tyshawn Jamison (Typerception) today.

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